Project Management

The final result of a building project is an optimal balance between a number of often conflicting requirements, such as the client’s functional demands, the available financial means and time, the architect’s aesthetic proposals and the technical possibilities. Because of this, process management is necessary to bring a project to a good end. Process management demands a qualified project manager’s active and continuous supervision, supported by a department with extensive knowledge and experience with drawing up financial reports, including budgets, as well as coordinating and assessing cost estimates of architects and consultants, handling variations in contract work, drafting and monitoring planning and coordinating the various desires and interests of involved parties and institutions.
For building projects, passive monitoring is insufficient. Retrospectively identifying omissions or delays has to be prevented as much as possible. The process of designing and building has to be actively guided by a project manager that does not only signal problems in hindsight. Aronsohn possesses thorough experience with the building industry - an absolute prerequisite for assessing, organizing and guiding the building process. For this reason, clients increasingly frequently request for complete project management during their project’s design and construction phases. To ensure its quality, our guidance rests on one person during the entire project, which guarantees exhaustive project knowledge until its completion.