Assembly plans

Aronsohn creates assembling plans for contractors. Complex structures require structural insight in order to determine how to assemble them. Loads and deformations may not exceed maximum values during the building process and after completion. Next to that, we provide the most practical and efficient method of assembling.

Contact: mr. MSc M.G.M. Schamp, email:


Assesment existing buildings

Through inspections and archival research, Aronsohn Structures can give efficient and reliable assessments of existing buildings. For acquiring and re-using, renovating and upgrading a building, a professional evaluation of a building’s structure is indispensable.

Contact: mr. BSc K. Cekem, email:

Assistance young architects

Aronsohn is open to and approachable for young architects, not just by giving them technical support, but also by engaging in partnerships with them. This gives young architects the opportunity to participate in tenders that would not have been feasible on their own. Our expertise in construction management and financial matters can contribute to meeting professional and revenue criteria set in tenders.

Contact: mr. MSc M.G.M. Schamp, email:

BIM expertise

Aronsohn provides advice on how to optimize working with BIM. As an early BIM adapter, Aronsohn has since 2006 designed several large projects in Revit, among which major hospitals and city office buildings. This involved different methods of cooperation with architects, building system consultants and contractors. We use our insights into efficient modelling, effective data exchange and communication, and the possible arrangements of responsibilities and liabilities to help clients realise their BIM ambitions.

Contact: mr. MSc C.A. Slui, email:

BIM management

Aronsohn Management provides BIM management for projects in which ambitions exceed mere 3D drawing. The client’s ambitions are worked out as early as possible in the design process. Contracts with designers and contractors are created based on a BIM plan, in which the process is worked out. No imprecise and unclear agreements, but exact and accurate procedures.

Contact: mr. MSc A.A. van der Ven, email:

Breeam expertise

Sustainability is a key element of our work as consulting engineers. Among Aronsohn employees are various BREEAM Experts, who monitor our clients’ sustainability ambitions and serve as interlocutors in design teams.


  1. MSc J.G. van der Panne, email:[1] (Management);
  2. MSc F.J. Klein, email: (Structures).

Currently, BREEAM is the leading standard for sustainable construction. In 1995, Aronsohn designed the Institute for Forest and Environment Research in Wageningen. This building proved to be far ahead of its time and, for many years, a trendsetting project due to its MIG 244 Greencalc score. For more information, read our publication Cement 98/1 (Dutch).

Budgetting and monitoring costs

Aronsohn Management counts financial experts among her employees and is a member of the Dutch Association of Building Finance Experts. As such, Aronsohn delivers cost estimates of components, investments and projects as a whole. Additionally, we provide complete budget monitoring during every phase of the design and construction process. Our financial monitoring system is easily adapted to our clients’ requirements. Next to the aforementioned investment cost estimate, we calculate all investments and building exploitation and maintenance expenses during the building’s lifecycle (TCO). Strategic and design-related decisions can be based on these calculations.

Contact: mr. MSc J.G. van der Panne, email:

Business cases and feasibility studies

Aronsohn Management performs feasibility studies for construction projects. Trade off between new construction or renovation is based on Total Costs of Ownership and qualitative criteria. Making up (rough) project briefs tends to be an important part of these studies in order to reach a cost deliberation that is as accurate and reliable as possible.

Contact: mr. MSc J.G. van der Panne, email:

Damage assesment

Adequate structures endure damage when they carry a load they were not designed to carry. Poorly designed or constructed structures take damage due to the design’s or work’s low quality. Both situations have in common that carrying capacity and safety become at risk. Aronsohn Structures provides the professional assessments and advices necessary to restore a safe situation.

Contact: mr. BSc K. Cekem, email:

Drawing up project brief

Aronsohn Management draws up project briefs for technically complex projects. This concerns spatial, functional as well as technical requirements. Our experience as construction manager for many projects has provided us with an understanding of many different briefs. Often, determining the project’s budget and formulating a master programme, risk analysis and a construction phase plan are also parts of creating the project brief.

Contact: mr. MSc A.A. van der Ven email:

Dynamic analyses

Aronsohn advises about the optimal construction of structures with unique dynamic loads or of an especially delicate nature. Dynamic loads, such as those during special sports or music events, are modelled, after which the dynamic response of the particular structure is determined and assessed using specialised software. Aronsohn has insight into response criteria that may not be established in the Netherlands, but are applied in other parts of the world to similar situations. Subsequently, the structure can be modified accordingly in order to meet the criteria.

Contact: mr. MSc P. Lagendijk, email:

Facade engineering

Aronsohn advises on the design of special or unique façade structures. Especially when a manufacturer is not yet participating in the design team, the right decisions have to be made regarding the construction of glass and panel surfaces, primary and secondary carrying structures and fixings. Aronsohn has the necessary insight into the possibilities of glass and what deformation has to be calculated with, and can include in her advice the physical consequences of a façade structure to the design.

Contact: mr. MSc M.G.M. Schamp, email:

Fire safety engineering

Aronsohn provides consultancy regarding structures’ fire resistance. After determining the criteria of applicable regulations, specialised software is employed to calculate temperature fluctuations during a fire in the specific, simulated situation. Appropriate measures can then be decided on. These measures concern not only fire protection, but also compartmentalization, building services or a change to the structure’s entire construction. Often, financial optimizations can be achieved by applying protective layers such as fire retardant coatings.

Contact: mr. MSc P. Lagendijk, email:

General and specialized supervision

Aronsohn Management provides architectural and specialized structural supervision. Our organisation treasures extensive knowledge of complex building structures and construction sites. Next to that, our supervisors have knowledge about specialized subjects such as steel, concrete and building physics. A key element of our method involves risk identification prior to starting the work. This leads to effective and efficient supervision.

Contact: mr. MSc J.G. van der Panne, email:

Management and maintenance

Aronsohn Management formulates long-term maintenance plans and building exploitation budgets, and performs quick scans. Furthermore, we provide the agreements for maintenance contractors and supervise the work.

Contact: mr. MSc J.G. van der Panne, email:

Plan of action for execution

Aronsohn writes clear construction phase plans for (complex) residential and non residential construction project. These plans are especially helpful to contractors who aim to score as many points as possible on quality criteria of tender procedures.

Contact: mr. BSc C.T.L. de Koning, email:

Optimization of implementation design

Aronsohn optimizes the implementation design of acquired or to be acquired projects for contractors. At Aronsohn Constructies, the feasibility of your own structural design is always a starting point. Due to the extensive experience with the implementation of many complex projects, this also has real significance. Based on this, Aronsohn often sees an opportunity to make suggestions in projects that she has not designed herself, which make implementation more efficient, safer and cheaper

Contact person: mr. BSc C.T.L. de Koning, email:

Project management

Aronsohn provides construction management for small as well as large residential and non residential projects, in all phases of the building process. Our approach to this service is based on our extensive technical knowledge of the design and construction process. During the work phase, we also offer contract administration next to our construction management, efficiently overseeing planning, finances and quality.

Contact: mr. MSc J.G. van der Panne email:

Procurement of works and services

Aronsohn procures services, works and supplies in the construction sector. To this end, Aronsohn commands broad juridical knowledge of European tender procedures. Next to traditional procurement, this includes innovative tender procedures such as the phase A-B method (developed by Aronsohn), DBFMO, and Engineer and Build. We also include long-term maintenance more and more often in our tenders.

Contact: mr. MSc J.G. van der Panne, email:


Risk management

Aronsohn Management provides risk management for construction projects. To this end, we have developed a system based on the Risman-method. Identifying general and technical risks by means of interviews and workshops is part of our approach. Great attention is particularly given to management measures, so that remaining risks can be controlled.

Contact: mr. MSc J.G. van der Panne, email:

Structural design

Since her foundation, Aronsohn has advised builders and architects about the design of effective structures. One of our key principles here is that a structure has to be designed in such a way that it remains suitable for the building’s entire lifetime. Even when building and installation components have to be replaced, the building’s structure has to be sufficiently durable and valuable to allow for a building’s repurposing in order to meet the building user’s modern, new demands. That calls for sustainable design!

Contact: mr. MSc M.G.M. Schamp, email:

Systems Engineering

To ensure that a building meets the (high) requirements of the project brief, Aronsohn Management applies the Systems Engineering (SE) principle. This principle can be integrated in formal procedures initiated to realise construction projects with complex demands and design specifications. Based on the experiences Aronsohn Management has, Aronsohn Structures can adapt seamlessly to complex, multidisciplinary projects in which Systems Engineering is applied.


  1. MSc P.J. Kuijpers (Aronsohn Management), email:
  2. Mr. BSc. C.T.L. de Koning RC (Aronsohn Constructies), email:

Technical plan assesment

When in doubt or simply to be sure, clients turns to Aronsohn to assess whether a structure design is technically sound. This primarily concerns structural safety, but also applies to (technical) sustainability. Furthermore, Aronsohn can carry out complete plan verifications that include engineering, building physics, and building services.

Contact: mr. BSc K. Cekem, email:

Total cost of ownership

In an increasing number of cases, a project’s financial feasibility is determined based on the total cost of ownership (TCO). This means that, apart from investment costs, also long term building exploitation expenses are calculated and analysed, becoming part of, for example, a feasibility study. By not just looking at the initial investment but also at the costs on the long term, it becomes transparent for a client which variables have which financial consequences. A high investment in quality or sustainability often returns itself on the long term.

On a more detailed level, our calculations can make it clear whether a high initial investment will return itself within an acceptable period of time. By calculating the payback period, it is swiftly demonstrated within what period an investment returns itself. The client can base his decisions on these calculations.

Aronsohn Management commands the expertise required to carry out these studies for your projects. For more information, please contact mr. A.A. van der Ven, email:

Value engineering

To prevent excessive spending of budgetary means during a design phase, Aronsohn Management applies the Value Management principle. Aronsohn Structures also applies this principle when optimizing structures in own designs and structures in technical designs of third parties. The method can be used as a formal procedure.

Contact: mr. MSc S.H.F.M. Taris , email: