To allow for the construction of the Spuiforum in The Hague, the Zuiderstrand theatre has been constructed on the south side of the Scheveningen harbour.
Once the demolition and renovation of the Dr. Anton Philips hall and the Lucent Danstheater make it impossible to host any more performances, they will be shown in the Zuiderstrand theatre.

Project information


Building structures


The Hague


The Hague municipality


Elzevier Mauve Architects in cooperation with DVP

Project size

Performance halls 5.236m² GFA (1000 seats), office space 5.232m² GFA

Start of project




Consulting services

Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations

The Zuiderstrand theatre is designed as a temporary building, to be used for a period of five years. The stage floor is 30 metres wide and 18 metres deep, with the grid located at a height of 20 metres above the stage. The backstage is 5,50 metres deep and 35 metres wide. The orchestra pit’s floor is movable. The theatre is built on auger piles and has a steel skeleton and hollow-core slab floors.

To prevent disruptive sound levels caused by theatre shows to the nearby natural reserve (with breeding grounds and birds), the façade and walls of the performance hall and tower have been heavily engineered with 250mm thick concrete panels. The tower’s concrete panels are highly visible and have been insulated on the inside.

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