This centre provides health care in a broad sense, housing not only
daily health care, but also a doctor’s office and a pharmacy.

Project information


Building structures


Capelle aan den IJssel




OD 205 Architectuur Delft

Project size

10.000m2 GFA

Start of project




Consulting services

Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations

The structure is made out of prestressed prefabricated piles topped with an in-situ cast foundational structure. The ground level floor is constructed with insulated, spanning hollow-core beam floors, with a pressure distribution layer above a crawling space.

Columns have been used on the ground level and the first floor, where the centre’s common rooms are clustered, in order to support the open characters of these levels. Starting from the second floor, concrete walls with wide-slab floors make up the building’s structure.

The building has a 7,2m nave. The concrete walls feature unreinforced surfaces for extra structural flexibility. In the future, should the desire rise to change the lay-out of the residential units, large wall openings can be made to make this possible in a relatively easy way.

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