New construction has been raised on location Uden North, providing a single building for Bernhoven Hospital’s establishments in Oss and Veghel.
The design is based on a layered model, in which the hospital’s functions—Hot Floor, Hotel, Office and Industrial—are clustered in appropriate building volumes.
4. Ziekenhuis Bernhoven

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Bernhoven Hospital


De Jong Gortemaker Algra Architects

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The structure is tailored to the specifically clustered building volumes, in which varying premises regarding span, load and flexibility are applied. By doing so, the average cost of the structure is lower than that of a traditionally designed hospital. Together with the architect and other designers, Aronsohn was part of the Design general partnership, which was established for this project and was responsible for all design tasks. As a result, the client was secured against the risk of lacking a particular consultancy discipline.

The works have been procured as the subject of an Engineer and Build contract. The contractor consortia bids have been judged only on quality, general construction site costs and assembly norms for building services. Normative for the selection was the bidders’ vision on the intended working procedure, starting from production information up to and including delivery and the possible subsequent long term maintenance.

Together with the architect, the design has been worked out in a BIM by cooperating real-time in a REVIT model. In this way, a completely integrated building and structure design has been made, based on which construction drawings could rapidly be produced and delivered to the general contractor