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Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations

Originally built in 1970 after a design by Kraaijvanger, a PTT (Dutch post) office tower stood on the current Statendam tower’s location up until 2007. In that time, it was researched whether or not the PTT office building could be transformed into a residential tower with an additional five storeys. This appeared to be possible, but rather inefficient. This was because of the offices’ great storey height, the load-bearing façade and the 1001 minor alterations that would have to be done, especially in terms of accessibility.

It was then decided to demolish the tower in its entirety while leavings its pile foundation intact and for use for the new tower. The old tower reached 45m, while the new tower rises up to 73m high. A residential building tends to be heavy, mostly due to sound insulation requirements. For that reason, soil-displacing but vibrationless piles have been placed in addition to the original pile foundation. The storeys feature different lay-outs. For example, lower storeys contain seven apartments per storey while upper storeys contain two. Commercial spaces are located on ground level.

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