Divided over two building plots, 180 houses have been realised in a square shape, as well as various commercial spaces on the first two storeys. Each location features different residential types:
single-family homes, maisonettes and apartments. Both residential towers rise approximately 55 metres high. In the square, a two-level outdoor parking garage is present, topped with a garden.

Project information


Building structures




Heijmans IBC Vastgoedontwikkeling (Real estate development), region SouthWest


Atelier Prof. Hans Kollhoff GmbH, Rotterdam

Project size

180 houses; commercial spaces and parking facility

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Consulting services

Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations
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Both building complexes consist of in situ cast concrete carcass work. The four-storeyed building parts owe their longitudinal stability to junction stiffening. The higher constructions have been stabilized in both directions by means of concrete walls. The structure of the parking garage consists of hollow-core slab floors with a reinforced compressive layer that is supported by integrated steel beams and prefabricated concrete columns.

The entire complex is founded on Vibro piles. It was decided to not use prefabricated piles: pile foundations from previously demolished quays were still present throughout a large area of the plot, which would significantly increase the breaking risk of prefabricated piles. All piles have been acoustically tested to signal any possible irregularities in the piles’ sections. Since section reductions of less than 30% cannot be detected by these means, this margin has been accounted for while determining the dimensions of the pile sections.