Aronsohn has been involved with this location since 1988. Even before the Willemspoortunnel was built, Aronsohn had developed ideas that would enable construction on and directly next to the tunnel (after it would have been built).
These ideas have been transformed into pre-investments to make such construction projects possible. Fast forward 20 years and the Wijnhaeve residential tower is the first of these construction projects to be completed.

Project information


Building structures




NS Vastgoed ontwikkelings bv Utrecht


KOW architecten Den Haag

Project size

15.000m2 GFA

Start of project




Consulting services

Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations

On top of and directly next to the tunnel, an underground parking facility has been realised. Special risks to this are horizontal displacement of the tunnel due to one-sided earth excavation, tunnel rising caused by reduced top load on the tunnel, and transference of vibrations to the residential tower. To this end, Aronsohn has performed the complicated technical analyses, tunnel measurements and discussions with insurers and their experts in order to avoid these risks and ascertain technical success for the client’s and ProRail’s (Dutch national railway manager) project.

The residential tower itself causes the Kedichem layer, a sedimentary layer 30m underground, to condense. This also impacts the tunnel. The residential tower is traditionally constructed with solid concrete floors in which air pipes are cast. The façades contain sandwich elements and feature high quality concrete outer leafs. Construction went successfully and train traffic has not been hindered at any time.

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