Building De St@ert has been built on behalf of Apenheul Apeldoorn. Is accommodates the Centre for Nature and Environment Education and is also in use as storage facility.
De St@ert also hosts exhibitions, presentations and meetings about sustainability in an underground auditorium that can accommodate 273 visitors.

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3.680 m2 bvo

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Structural design, specifications, detail drawings and calculations

The three storey building has a concrete structure and an envelope of timber frames, a timber roof and a lot of glass. In its length of 125 m it has 25 frames that are visible from the outside and make the building look like an arthropod. The wood of the frames is of local larch from the Staatsbosbeheer. The frames have maximum spans of 17 m with beam size 160 x 1050 mm. The dimensions of the curved frames were too large for normal transportation by road. Therefore they were assembled on site with finger joints.

The soil conditions allowed for a shallow foundation. The floors are solid concrete floors that are cast in situ and equipped with thermal mass activation. The underside of the floor has remains visible and has no beams. The columns inside the building are made of concrete, the columns outside the building of timber. Much attention has been paid to visible details.

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