In the basin of the Prins Claus traffic junction, facing the ADO stadium, lies the Haaglanden Police multifunctional building. Next to the central control room in the top of the tower,
this complex contains sports halls, shooting ranges and a practice facility for riot police and arrest teams. Combining all these special functions in a single building calls for a complex building structure.
8965-De Yp

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Building structures


Den Haag


Haaglanden Police


Architecten van Mourik

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34.000 m2 GFA

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Structural design, detail drawings and calculations
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To ensure flexibility in the future, the elongated strip features columnless spans reaching from one façade to the other. The façade consists of load-bearing concrete elements. Because of this, the sports halls contained in the lower sections of the building strip could be efficiently integrated. Behind this lies the ramp that brings cars from ground level to the roof of the shooting ranges and the NOC-NSF (Dutch national sports organisation) sports hall, 12 metres higher. Parking on level 3 is established underneath the long strip and the tower. The building’s high construction rises on the west side, featuring a characteristic window on the east. Naturally, the cantilever is of great influence to the strains and forces within the tower.To prevent overly large proportions, steel has been applied to a great extent. Stresses are compensated for during construction by means of counter-stress. On the east side of the building, a two storey parking garage has been realised behind the practice facility. The building is founded on prefabricated concrete piles and is mostly constructed with reinforced concrete, made out of beams, walls, floors and columns of which some are prefabricated, others prestressed or cast in situ.