In the Van der Meij College, three schools for secondary education—the Jan Arentsz school, Dalton College and Willem Blaeu school—jointly offer education for third and fourth grade classes. The building features an open split-level
structure, in which open spaces form a visual connection between the various different levels within the building. The ground floor contains the technology sector. The economy sector is located on the first floor and the healthcare sector is on the upper floor.


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Building structures






BRTArchitects Alkmaar, project architect Ton van Rutten BNA

Project size

9.800m2 GFA

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Consulting services

Structural design, detailed design drawings for use during construction with accompanying calculations
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The building is shaped as a rectangle with three storeys covering its entire floor area. Underneath the building, the basement can store at least 500 bicycles. The three storeys have been designed to each hold one of the aforementioned sectors. This makes it look as though the school holds three small schools of 200 to 250 students per sector. The building is raised from a concrete skeleton with prefabricated columns, in situ cast façades, beams and floors. The skeleton was constructed within a very short period of time, after which the façade was closed by means of prefabricated concrete sandwich elements.

Within 8 weeks, the concrete skeleton was provided with façades after a marvellous design by BRTA architects from Alkmaar. The architect designed the façade to have a marble, veined appearance. Getting closer, observers can discern a tree structure, symbolizing life and growth. The building has been designed in a sustainable fashion, featuring both great transparency and flexibility.

The floors consist of wide-slab floors with thickened strips over the column rows. Stability on the bottom level is derived from only a small number of concrete walls. Columns and floor strips jointly ensure stability on the uppermost level.