The expansion of the Gelderse Vallei Hospital consists of two parts. The first part involves enlarging the main entrance, which consists of desk
and information services on the ground level floor and restaurant and traffic functions on another floor with an open space.

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Gelderse Vallei Hospital


De Jong Gortemaker Algra

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10.317 m2 GFA

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The second part of the expansion concerns the four storey health care building, with a complete basement and a technical facilities level on the fourth floor. This part includes the two radiation bunkers which are situated on the ground level, are detached from the main building (to some extent), and are made out of Magna Dense (high density) concrete (volumetric mass density: 3,7 tons/m2). The main entrance structure consists of a steel structure with an integrated steel beam, hollow-core floor slabs with a reinforced pressure distribution layer and steel roof sheets. The health care building is constructed with prefabricated concrete columns and beams, with plate flooring in between.

BIM and Process

At the onset of the hospital’s expansion, the client has tasked herself with reducing construction failure costs and maximizing the use of knowledge and expertise of all parties involved. To achieve this, two important means have been put to use: the Building Information Model (BIM)—which Aronsohn worked out in REVIT—and a construction team.

The client, the designers and the contractors consortium have expressed the ambition to integrate the use of BIM in the entire project. This called for an untraditional method of cooperation. All parties have had to grow accustomed with this method, as it came with different processes and manners. Constant emphasis has had to be put on the advantages of such cooperation, transparency and desectarianisation. It requires effort to change old habits and processes, but the result is accordingly positive!

A special feature of this project is that with the building’s delivery, the BIM was also delivered; a full BIM procedure has been followed in cooperation with the client and the contractors.