This remarkably complicated building complex has been realised in between the historically monumental buildings on the Aalmarkt and built with its
back to the Walloon Church and the Stadsgehoorzaal (city concert hall).
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Project information


Building structures




Leiden municipality


Architecten van Mourik, Den Haag

Project size

4.300m2 GFA

Start of project




Consulting services

Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations, cost calculations
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A 7m deep basement, directly next to the public road and neighbouring the city concert hall’s foundations, houses a shop that also utilizes the ground level floor on the Aalmarkt side.

Behind this shop, another building has been built to house the concert hall’s facilities, such as the kitchen, the foyer and offices. Above the shops, the Stadsgehoorzaal’s minor concert hall has been realised, which was the expansion’s main purpose. This hall provides room for 350 individuals.

Supply logistics take place on an internal courtyard with an entrance from the Aalmarkt side, right underneath the hall’s foyer. The historical Aalmarkt 7 building has undergone drastic changes and forms the connecting hub between multiple different floors.