The Westerdijk Institute is a Research Institute of The Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The Centre investigates the taxonomy and evolutionary biology of select groups of fungi.
The Westerdijk Institute also manages a world famous collection of live fungi, yeasts and bacteria, from which other researchers around the world can draw from.
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Project size

1.182 m2 GFA

Start of project

September 2016


June 2017

Consulting services

Complete construction management, contract administration and supervision

To be able to continue this kind of research, it appeard necessary to expand the current housing at the Uithof in Utrecht. The Westerdijk Institute is housed here along with the Hubrecht Institute of the KNAW, for which Aronsohn recently expanded the building with a new part.

The expansion of the Westerdijk Institute included offices, a cryo-freezer area for the fungus collection, a refregirator, a biophysical lab, two BSL-2 labs and a BSL-3 lab. The designation BSL stands for Biosafety Level. BSL-3 is the second highest level of security and meet very high requirements to air management, air density, furnishing and completion of the room. Building such a lab required a lot of the designers and contractors.

Aronsohn has guided the entire design and implementation process. For the contractors the phase A/B method was applied.

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