The expansion of the Achmea campus in Apeldoorn envelops approximately 61.000m2 GFA for offices, a logistics centre and a conference centre.
The project has been designed by ADP Architecten. Aronsohn has provided the structure design and the production information drawings, as well as the structure calculations.

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The conference centre contains round steel columns on three or four footings and integrated steel beams with the same thickness as the floor. A prestressed hollow-core beam floor with a reinforced pressure distribution layer lies in between. Stability is ensured by various cross braces, which have been constructed to deal with the added complexity caused by the presence of great voids inside the building.

Structurally, the Bos building and the Deck building are almost identical. The structure consists of prefabricated concrete columns and prefabricated concrete transfer beams, integrated steel beams running through the middle of the building’s length, and prestressed hollow-core beam floors with a pressure distribution layer in between them. Prefabricated concrete cores contribute to the building’s stability. Both buildings have deepened construction pits to make room for underground parking spaces.

The logistics centre is made out of a steel skeleton furnished with prestressed hollow-core beam floors with a pressure distribution layer. The building’s cross section has a trapezoid shape due to the slanting façade of the building’s east side. A raised deck has been designed in between the buildings, right above parking facilities on street level. This structure consists of a steel skeleton with a steel plate concrete floor.