Our contribution to the realisation of this tunnel pit with retaining walls includes preparing the construction site and hardenings with the traffic design, and the tunnel pit engineering.
The tunnel is located in the inner traffic ring of Eindhoven, at the Beukenlaan-Cederlaan-Noord Brabantlaan intersection.

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Structural design, detail drawings and calculations

The tunnel serves to provide passage for a rapid transit busway (leading from the station to a new neighbourhood) as it crosses the ring’s high density traffic. The busway stays on ground level while the ring traffic runs mostly through the open tunnel, which is approximately 400 meters in length and counts two lanes in both directions. Accounting for the soil’s condition and based on an extensive comparative study, it was decided to apply a traditional construction method with a sheet-piled construction excavation down to earth layers that naturally inhibit water passage. The tunnel consists of concrete, in its entirety cast into the construction, founded on groundworks while ground anchors prevent uplift.

The tunnel decks supporting the rapid transit busway and other crossing traffic are made out of prefabricated beams. Beneath the tunnel floor, a buffer basin handles rainfall. During the tunnel’s design, particular attention has been given to traffic facilitation. During the construction site’s preparation and the work itself, traffic had to be able to flow through the ring unhindered. To this end, a temporary traffic plan was designed for each construction phase. For example, there was a traffic plan for the definitive situation after the tunnel realisation up to and including the definitive hardenings, et cetera.

Aronsohn has provided the complete design, and engineering up to and including the detailed design phase.

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