The Trend Centre’s programme contains, next to 58 luxurious apartments, approximately 6.000m2 of furniture shopping space.
Between the shopping levels and the apartments, over a hundred parking spaces have been realised for residents and shop visitors.
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Alphen aan den Rijn




VHP Stedebouwkundigen+Architecten+Landschapsarchitecten BV

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22.000 m2 GFA

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The Trend Centre combines three different functions within a single building.

On the ground floor, the building has a triangular shape with bullnose corners and a base of approximately 100 metres. Apartments, shops and parking spaces have been housed in the 13 to 16 metres thick building envelope on the outside. This envelope has a height varying from four to eleven storeys, and contains a glass-roofed square.

The bottom two storeys contain shops with a total area of 6.000m2, predominantly meant for furniture sale. The parking storey lies above these shops, providing ample room for approximately 115 cars of both residents and shopping visitors.

Main part of the building is occupied by apartments, brought together in a volume spanning one to eight storeys. Various sizes of residence have been realised, up to a size of approximately 315m2.

A column structure serves to bear the centre’s load, and reaches from the foundations to the underside of the first residential level. This corresponds with the shopping and parking levels.

Above this, the structure is based on the great variety of load-bearing walls that separate the apartments. Common to all walls are the special measures taken to withstand compressive and tensile stresses. These measures are placed on varying heights, in such a way that they conflict as little as possible with the desired apartment arrangements.

Another remarkable feature is the cantilever containing various apartments, hanging over the parking garage driveway. This cantilever is made possible by the concrete, load-bearing walls.