The Tomado house dates from 1958 and was designed by the Dutch architect Hugh Maaskant. The building was revolutionary in its time:
the structure rested on two disk-shaped columns, the lower two floors are completely open.

Project information


Building structures




Certitudo Capital


Hooper Architects

Project size

3.700 m2 GFA

Start of project

November 2015


July 2016

Consulting services

Transformation scan on structure, building physical and fire safety, structural details, structural adjustments and supervising implementations

The building was used as an office for the former Tomado Factory which produced household items. At that time the structure was – although Maaskant and Aronsohn worked together frequently – designed by the engineering department of Maaskant itself. Later Aronsohn virtually took over the entire archive structure of Maaskant, so we now have extensive information about the Tomado house.

Certitudo Capital has acquired the Tomado house with the aim to transform the building to a building with 56 rental lofts. Commissioned by Certitudo Aronsohn has performed a redevelopment scan on the structure, building physical and fire safety aspects in support of the valuation.

Currently the renovation work is being carried out in which Aronsohn designed the structure interventions and supervises their implementation.

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