The Centraal Beheer and Blauwhoed offices were built between 1967 and 1972. The architects were H. Hertzberger for Centraal Beheer and H. Kaman for Blauwhoed. Hertzberger was ordered to design an office building for approximately one thousand employees. Hertzberger was of the opinion that in
any office should be space for informal meetings. He therefore did not wanted to design closed offices along impersonal corridors, but rather a network of pedestrian and traffic routes through semi-open offices. This is how he came up with the design of the office building consisting of 56 cube-shaped elements of nine by nine meters.

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Certitudo Capital Den Bosch


JYB Architecten and Hooper Architects

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65.000m2 GFA excl. parking

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Transformation scan

These blocks are located around an elevator core, stairs and sanitary. Four work stations are located in each block per floor. Space between the elements are left open to create voids of three meters wide. It is an important building for the structuralism, an architectural movement that Hertzberger started with Van Eyk. There is still a lot of interest in this movement and from all over the world people still come to see the building.

The building is made of precast concrete. When Hertzbergers’ started, the use of concrete in combination with a supporting structure of precast concrete was characteristic. In the bottom layer of the building is a parking, of which the structure is rotated 45 degrees with respect to the superstructure. The parking consists of in situ reinforced concrete.

The building was purchased by Capital Certitudo to transform it into different types of apartments. In order to assess the structural features and the necessary interventions, Aronsohn conducted a transformation scan.

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