The new city office with its striking triangular shape, situated on the Leyweg in The Hague, is a remarkable building.
The cantilever makes for a landmark in the renewed city district.
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Project information


building structures


Den Haag


The Hague Municipality


Rudy Uytenhaak Architecture office

Project size

40.000 m2 GFA

Start of project




Consulting services

Structural design, detail drawings and calculations of the concrete elements
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The building features triangularly shaped high-rise construction, reaching a height of 70 metres, enclosed in the surrounding low-rise construction (which is up to 13 metres high). A parking garage lies underneath the entire building. The high-rise construction’s load-bearing structure is made using both prefabricated and in situ cast concrete facades, and large steel façade beams resembling a lattice placed inside the building’s atrium. The floors feature a clean 14 metre span between the outer façade and the atrium façade. The triangle’s vertices are supported by the application of a steel beam and column structure on each vertex’ bisector. The atrium spines are placed outside the thermic shell, carrying vertical loads conducted to them by the heavy supports through steel THQ beams and columns on the atrium structure’s lattice nodes. The thermic loads on the atrium structure’s outside elements are accounted for in the calculations.

Because the construction reaches higher on one side of the building, the loads concentrate on the tall side of the building. And with regards to the corners’ load-bearing structures, stabilizing elements receive extra deformation pressure due to vertical loads. To this end, the atrium’s footprint has been expanded by adding two heavy shores of the atrium structure to the façade foundation. The foundation itself has been realised by means of low vibration, soil displacing piles with grout injection. As the design features maximal transparency, structural elements have had to be as slender as possible. The 250 space auditorium is located in the building’s cantilever, which is supported by high lattices in the auditorium walls.