The city office expansion consists of a three floor office strip (117 metres long, 19 metres wide) on the Chassé terrain in Breda. The building, which has been realised above the parking garage
entrance and an access road, rests on V-shaped columns. The expansion is connected with the pre-existing city offices by means of two pedestrian bridges.

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Building structures




Breda municipality


Claus en Kaan Architects

Project size

7.500 m2 HFA

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Structural design, detail drawings and calculations

A bridge structure has been realised for the Breda city office expansion, which is close to 120 metres in length and three storeys high. This bridge vaults over the access road running to the residential buildings on the Chassé terrain, the parking garage entry and exit beneath the Chassé terrain and the forwarding terrain of the Chassé theatre. The bridge’s supports are situated on free surfaces in between the city traffic roads and the large truck turning circles.

For a part, the supports have been shaped as rows of V-shaped columns; elsewhere, vertical steel columns bear the structure.

The structure on top of the first floor is completely fashioned as a steel frame skeleton with hollow-core floor slabs provided with pressure distribution layers.

To construct the vaultings with spans of up to 28,80 metres and a cantilever of 14,40 metres, three storey high lattices have been made in the façade and the middle part of the building. In these lattices, beams make up the horizontal and columns the vertical components. The lattice spaces are diagonally spanned with 80 millimetre solid tension members, that run through the beam and column hearts and are fixed with adjusting locking nuts.

Finally, the connection with the city office’s pre-existing buildings is realised by means of two glass-walled bridges on the second storey level.

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