Saenstroom OPDC (orthopedagogical didactic centre) provides education and guidance for students with learning and/or social difficulties. The purpose of the centre is to support, educate and cultivate the students over the course of
two or three years, preparing them for regular preparatory vocational education. Saenstroom OPDC is characterized by the relatively small classes of ± 15 students.

Project information


Building structures




OVO Zaanstad


DOK architecten

Project size

3.200m2 GFA

Start of project




Consulting services

Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations

The building’s structure has been designed for great flexibility and sustainability. With this in mind, the laminated wooden beams and columns as well as the wooden storey floors have been deliberately chosen. To account for stability from the perspective of flexibility and sustainability, steel wind-bracing has been applied to the façades. This results in a great degree of internal structural freedom for future changes to the building as a result of changing developments and user wishes.

The building is founded on piles, with the ground level floor constructed as an insulated hollow-core beam floor. Except for the gym on the second floor, the rest of the main carrying structure consists completely out of sustainably produced laminated wood. The level floors are made out of wooden ribs and plates, so-called ‘Kerto’ floors. To reduce noise levels, a floating floor has been applied to the gym’s concrete floor slab on a layer of insulation.

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