The Aeroplane hall is the birthplace of numerous aeronautical innovations, of which the Glare material is the most commonly known. The hall forms the highly advanced structure and material laboratory of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering.
The laboratory is specialised in developing advanced materials, structural design and production techniques dedicated to airplanes. Under Aronsohn’s guidance, this building has been completely renovated and expanded with an office strip.
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TU Delft Faculty Management and Real Estate


Rudy Uytenhaak Architects office, (Supervisor exterior)

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3.460 m2 HFA

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Construction management, site supervision

The Delft Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory (DASML), as the aeroplane hall is officially called, contains offices, workspaces, physical laboratories, chemical laboratories and an exposition hall.

The renovation concerned the rearrangement and upgrade of the laboratories and workspaces (approximately 1.500m2), and the placement of an extra office floor (approximately 360m2) on top of the pre-existing offices. Furthermore, the main hall (approximately 1.600m2) has been rearranged and coated with a new epoxy flooring paint, while a part of the hall is now being supported by a new floor with foundations. In this hall, heavy machinery and experimental designs stand next to a part of the faculty’s airplane and airplane component collection, including an F-16 lent by the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

The renovation was mostly functional of nature, meant to bring the building up to date with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and environmental regulations. To this end, the floor plan has been rearranged and the building services have been completely renewed. The renovation and expansion of the Aeroplane hall has been realised in phases, keeping a part of the building in use at all times while construction works took place in other parts. During the renovation, the collection was moved to a temporary hangar next to the Aeroplane hall.

The new office strip has been realised while the underlying offices in the Aeroplane hall remained in use for the most part. Various safety measures were taken.

Earlier, Aronsohn guided the renovation of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering’s high-rise construction and the new construction of office spaces (among others). These three projects have all been guided by Aronsohn Management, in close cooperation with the Delft University of Technology real estate management. In all three projects, Aronsohn Structures was also involved as structure designer.

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