The existing Thialf underwent a metamorphosis in 2015 and 2016 with a substantial enlargement for the benefit of the top athletes and visitors. The existing visitors ring on first floor level is enlarged,
on the second floor level a totally new ring has been shaped. This new ring requires the existing central part of the roof to be taken over by a new supporting structure.
Thialf entree Remco

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Building structures




Ballast Nedam


Zwarts & Jansma

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Start of project

november 2014


oktober 2016

Consulting services

Structural design, specifications, detail drawings and engineering

In order to be able to host races in the season 2015-2016, in 2015 the total ice floor and belonging ice installation was replaced. The entrance of the stadium has become more people friendly by means of a total new entrance building.

Absolute priority was that the top athletes were able to exercise under ideal conditions. To enable this in the Stadium a top sport centre was built that is connected to the ice rink by a new underground tunnel.

During the season 2015-2016 the new Thialf was visible from the outside, the interior was not too different from the old situation. The takeover activity for the existing roof took place after the season 2015-2016. Since 14 October 2016 the stadium is ready for the top athletes so they can again prove that Thialf is the fastest lowland ice rink in the world.


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