Building S will be the new main building of the Radboudumc in Nijmegen. It will be built on the site with existing buildings which no longer meet the current wishes and standards of Radboudumc. The new building contains two basement layers, eight floors and three atriums with a size of 115 x 50 x 37 meters (L x W x H). It will be the largest building on the campus.
The structure of Building S is based on steel and is mainly constructed of prefabricated concrete with an open column structure on a regular 7,8 x 7,8 meters. The column structure creates a freely divisible space, which makes the facade only architectural and easy to be replaced in the future, if desired.
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The floors are made of wide slabs. In case of large spans (more than 14 meters) pre-stressed floor slabs (N-beams) are used. These floor slabs are made of two prestressed ribs. In between these ribs is a thin concrete floor of only 10 cm thick. The mirror is not provided with bias strands, which makes it easy to make recesses in the floor in the future. The space between these ribs is also used for the course of channels.

The stability of the entire building is provided by the concrete walls around the central atrium. These four stability walls with large window openings provides daylight in the building. When designing Building S a possible expansion of the north wing with two extra storeys has been taken into account. The roof construction is carried out in accordance with the underlying floors and the main supporting structure is calculated on the additional loads resulting from these two additional floors.

The development of Building S comes with the realization of the last part of the new Central Axis, the main connection between the various buildings of Radboudumc. The Central Axis is being built between Building S and the existing Building A.





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