Building A is one of the oldest building on the Radboudumc terrain in Nijmegen.
Originally built in 1953, this building makes for a fine example of the Bossche School style, to which it owes its status as a municipal monument
9494-Bouwdeel A

Project information


Building structures




Radboud University Medical Centre real estate management


EGM Architects Dordrecht

Project size

15.000 m2 GFA

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Consulting services

Structural design, production information and structural drawings, reviewing construction drawings


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In 2013, the building has been carefully renovated, housing the board of directors, staff departments, an employee restaurant and the dialysis department. Any adjustments or expansions to the building have been removed prior to the 2013 renovation in order to restore the building’s original carcass work: an in situ cast concrete skeleton structure with concrete floors, a concrete roof and façade masonry. The existing courtyard is covered with a glass roof and transformed into a charming public and presentable space, in which the restaurant is located. The connection with the hospital’s central axis has been completely renewed, preserving the original concrete pedestrian bridges. Because the masonry of the interstitial construction has been replaced with a glass façade, building A has opened up, thus forming a stronger connection to the central axis.
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