The structure of this building has been designed for great flexibility and energy efficiency. The storey floors consist of 230 millimetre wide-slab floors.
These floors rest on reinforced 1200 x 350 millimetre strips made out of 120 millimetre prefabricated beam bases.

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Polsstok Huygens College, Heerhugowaard


Ector Hoogstad Architects

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4.750 GFA

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Structural design, detail drawings and calculations, specifications
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The beam bases have been connected to each other by means of wet joins at the columns. Floor heating tubes have been installed in the floor structure. The load-bearing columns are made out of prefabricated concrete, while stability is taken care of by concrete walls combined with steel stability braces. The sports hall floor on the first storey is kept completely detached from the other floor surfaces to prevent noise.

Vertical noise is prevented by the 100 millimetre insulation package topped with a 90 millimetre reinforced concrete layer. This package is installed in the sports hall floor, which for this reason has been made deeper than other floors. The carcass work consists of steel fa├žade columns and a roof structure made out of steel beams and steel plates. The structure contains no ground level floor; instead, tiling has been done directly on the sand.

The building has been designed by Ector Hoogstad Architects, Rotterdam. Aronsohn has provided the complete structure design.