On the Prins Bisschopsingel terrain in Maastricht, the existing garage and sports facilities have made way for the public safety answering point and coordination
centre of the police and fire departments of the southern Limburg province. The building has an oval shape and rises three levels high.
JHK Architecten Utrecht

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Building structures




Police region Limburg (south)


JHK Architecten Utrecht

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4.600m2 GFA

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Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations

On the ground level floor, a number of functions of the demolished buildings have been housed. The floors above have been designated for the new public safety answering point and the required facilities.

The structure consists out of loadbearing prefabricated wall and façade elements and floors of hollow-core slabs and wide-slabs. The building has been founded on auger piles driven with the point into the site’s gravel layer, in accordance with the latest insights into this sedimentary layer that is unique in the Netherlands.

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