As part of the complete renovation and reconstruction of the former Van Ommeren complex, Aronsohn has been tasked with designing
and detailing an underground garage in the zone between the new low-rise construction and the park next to the Euromast.

Project information


Building structures




Maarsen Bouw en Ontwikkeling (MBO) / Westerlaan CV


Ector Hoogstad Architects, Rotterdam

Project size

Parking floors 9.800m2 GFA, approximately 350 cars

Start of project




Consulting services

Structural design and engineering, supervision and administration

The shifted Westerlaan has been placed over the eastern roof deck of the garage, while the park has been extended over the western deck. Loads are, respectively, traffic class 60 with 0,5m sand or a maximum of 1,5m soil. Existing construction rested 2,7m away from the construction site’s eastern edge, while the Maas river banks were 35m away from the pit’s south side.

For the 103x33m2 construction site, a closed pit was built with an underwater concrete floor in order to minimize any drainage effects on the surroundings.

After an excavation—dry up until ground water level and wet until Amsterdam Ordnance Datum -8,4m—Vibro-Combi piles have been driven and a 1,4m thick layer of underwater concrete has been cast, all done with a crane moving traversal over the dam wall.

Consequently, the pit could be dried and the structural 0,7m thick concrete floor was laid to serve as a base for the skeleton. To reduce both the basement floor’s shrinkage and the risk of cracking, the floor’s heart has been provided with a cooling water piping system. This floor is anchored to the dam walls, which as a result have become definitive basement walls. The seams between the planks have been welded in order to make them waterproof.

The skeleton has been constructed with a maximal application of prefabricated concrete: prefabricated columns and walls, beam floors and wideslabs with in-situ cast pressure distribution layers. For the deck, the extreme upper loads had to be accounted for. The horizontal forces from the surrounding soil masses cancel each other out through the floors.

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