Orion is the second central education building on the Wageningen University campus.
It is a flexible and efficient building, necessitated by the university’s expected increase of students.

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Wageningen University and Research Centre


Ector Hoogstad Architects

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21.000 m2 GFA

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The building solely contains general facilities, such as horeca, lecture halls, and instruction and practical rooms, all arranged within the building in a rational manner. The busiest functions, such as the grand café, restaurant and the lecture halls, are kept as close as possible to the ground level. The rooms containing heavy installations—the practical rooms—have been placed as high as possible within the building, directly underneath the electrical and mechanical service room.

The building’s shape and structure are based on that of the lecture halls, which can be used separately or in a joint manner, in which case they form a great auditorium with close to eight hundred seats. Accounting for the expected traffic, this large, fan-shaped room is placed in the building’s lower section. Despite that, the room still contains no columns. This gives rise to the typical pentagon-shaped building, which is cleared out on higher storeys by a great patio.

As in many other projects, sustainability plays a key role in the design and construction of the Orion building. The spaces used most intensively are consistently placed in areas where daylight and solar heat causes the least inconvenience, such as the northern façades and around the patio, which is sheltered by a shuttered roof. A balanced, integral technical design ensures a minimal demand for energy supplies, as the building generates a portion of the required energy by applying a great number of photovoltaic cells on the roof