In the plans for the newly constructed Veenendaal-oost neighbourhood, space has been allocated for a multifunctional accommodation in which education, sports and well-being for the neighbourhood residents are provided for. The sports room has been designed to be usable for other gatherings. In order to synchronize the building’s capacity with the neighbourhood’s growth,
it has been decided to build the total plan in phases. The final plan provides for a sports and health building volume and three education building volumes. Currently, one education building volume has been constructed. The building has been designed by Leijh, Kappelhoff, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Architecten.

Project information


Building structures




Veenendaal municipality


LKSvdD Architects

Project size

6.200 m2 GFA

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Structural design, specifications, detail drawings and calculations

As far as the structure is concerned, there are two volumes that can be considered two separate building sections: the Meeting House and the school. Central to the Meeting House lies the sports hall on the first floor. The required clean span (without columns) is realised by means of four steel lattice rafters. Both sides of the sports hall contain spectator and lounge areas on the second floor, while dressing-rooms are on one side of the hall, on the first floor. The other side contains the electrical and mechanical room on the second floor and apparatus storage on the first floor. The floors themselves are made out of hollow-core slabs, of which some are topped with a pressure distribution layer, on steel profiles and/or load-bearing prefabricated façades. The topside of the sports hall’s structural floor lies lower than the floor in the adjacent rooms. This is necessary to create space for the heavy floating floor, which serves to reduce contact noise from the sports hall to other rooms on the ground level. The ground level floor is made out of a suspended, insulated hollow-core beam floor and an in situ cast concrete floor in the deepened area in the Meeting House’s centre. Concrete foundation beams transfer vertical loads to Vibro piles.

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