Between the central railway station and the Almelo city centre, the municipality’s new town hall has been constructed.
The public and logistic functions are present in the lower storeys. In the centre of the low-rise construction, two connected towers with office spaces have been raised.
Stadhuis Almelo 080515

Project information


Building structures




Almelo municipality


Kraaijvanger Architecten

Project size

17.500 GFA

Start of project

June 2013



Consulting services

Structural design, specifiacations, detail drawings and calculations, cost estimates


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Not only do the towers differ in height, the storey floors themselves are also placed at different levels. These split-level floors are connected to each other by means of stairs housed in the atrium-like staircases. Parking facilities are placed on the low-rise construction roofs underneath a partially opened cover with a green roof, on which moss and Sedum have been planted.

The municipality’s high sustainability ambition has been translated to an ‘Excellent’ score according to the BREEAM standard. This is expressed in the main support structure, where minimized use of material in the concrete floors—an integrated prestressed floor system with concrete core temperature control—has reduced the required storey (and thus the building’s) height. The application of high quality material, which have to be delivered ISO14001-certified, further reduces the structure’s necessary dimensions.

View live webcam footage of the new Almelo town hall here.