The project Gershwin Brothers, in the Zuidas district in Amsterdam, includes plot 13 and 15 located on the Buitenveldertselaan and De Boelelaan. The Gershwin Brothers project consists of two apartment complexes
with a 2-layer underground parking. The two buildings will encompass 159 residences designated for the mid-priced rental sector. The project has approximately 14,000 m2 GFA.

Project information


Project Management




Gershwin Brothers Wonen-en Winkels en Parkeren V.O.F.


LEVS architecten

Project size

14.000 m2 GFA

Start of project

januari 2016


oktober 2017

Consulting services

Construction managment, contract information and quality insurance
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Aronsohn Management provides project management, contract administration and quality assurance. The project was realised using the phase A-B method as developed by Aronsohn Management: (A) verification of the concept-production information and (B) the realisation of the new building. In connection with the small construction site, an additional phase was added to this project, namely, (B1) an overpass of the Boelegracht including construction site facilities in order to realise extra space.

The 159 apartments are divided into two separate residential buildings designed by LEVS Architects. The two buildings are designed as an ensemble, but each of them can be characterised by a distinct set of features. The corner-building ‘George’ is a robust and austere high-rise. Situated right at the intersection, it forms a link to the nearby university and the surroundings. The neighbouring ‘Ira’ is of a warmer colour, smaller of scale, and richer in detail. The two-toned masonry and protruding balconies accomplish an interweaving of the horizontal and vertical structures. A semi-public landscaped green strip is situated in between the buildings. ‘Ira’ has a private court at the water. A two-storey communal parking garage was built below the project.