The existing factory complex has been expanded with new construction for the bottling hall, an underground parking garage and a coopery next to the mill. Other existing parts of the complex have been renovated to facilitate new functions, such as office space and a penthouse.
A section—about 260m2—of the underground parking garage has been constructed at a deeper level of 9,20 metres below Amsterdam Ordnance Datum to allow for the future expansion on the other side of the harbour. A tunnel running underneath the harbour connects the two sides. The deep basement has been realised with underwater concrete.

Project information


Building structure




Nolet Vastgoed (Nolet real estate) / Stichting Nolet molen (Nolet Mill Foundation), Schiedam


Van Mourik Vermeulen architecten bv, Den Haag

Project size

Factory approx. 8.500m2 demolition, mill renovation and new construction approx. 800m2

Start of project

Factory: March 2000; mill: March 2004


Factory: September 2004; mill: December 2005

Consulting services

Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations
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Visually, the mill has the appearance of a traditional Dutch brick-laid windmill. According to the architect, this is the world’s tallest windmill of its kind. The mill’s main support structure consists of a prefabricated concrete inner and outside layer separated by a space of 1,60m.

The stairs and elevator are positioned here. The stairs have also been constructed out of prefabricated concrete, cladded with bricks. The level floors have been constructed with wide-slabs. The first to fifth level floors serve as reception, film hall and conference room. The sixth floor functions as a desk surface at a height of approximately 24,50 metres above street level. The basement floor lies about 1,50 metres below ground water level and contains the building services. The mill’s cap is crafted