The former Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality housed in a striking building with historical value. The building, constructed in 1956 after a design by Government Architect MSc G. Friedhoff,.
is a municipal and national monument. The ministry building’s considerable restructuring by Dam & Partners Architects consists of a number of important architectural adjustments next to the extensive renovation
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Project information


Building structures


Den Haag


Central Government Real Estate Agency


Dam & Partners Architects

Project size

60.000 m2 GFA

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Consulting services

Structural design, detalil drawings and calculations
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Two blocks of low-rise construction have been completely demolished and replaced with new blocks of the same height as the others. In the existing structures, columns and walls are locally replaced with new load-bearing systems, giving the buildings a more open set-up. Restaurant ‘De Oranjerie’ in the Theresiastraat has been preserved and completely enclosed in a glass dome with a very slender steel structure. Underneath this dome, a new conference and reception building has been realised. The building has been expanded on the Utrechtse Baan façade side with a new glass walkway (The Traverse), containing new entrees to the building with stairs, elevators and escalators to the central level. The courtyards feature stepped gardens and a semi-underground parking garage.

The project has been realised in four phases, because the building could not be stripped in its entirety at once. The project has been completed mid-2012.