Adjacent to the TNO-NITG building on the university terrain, a laboratory building has been realised to provide chemical and analytic laboratory facilities to various research groups. Aside from the university, research institutes Deltares,
the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, and TNO-NITG use the laboratory. Next to the laboratories, the building features office spaces solely meant to work out laboratory data.

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Utrecht University



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15.000 m2 GFA

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The building is to be flanked on both sides by the existing TNO-NITG building and a future office building. This office building will house employees in a veritable office building. The collective environmental laboratory will then be a true laboratory building. An entry building provides access to the existing TNO building, the seven storey high laboratory building and the future office building. The design emphasises sustainability and flexibility, demanding internal interchangeability of the building’s various functions. From a structural engineering point of view, this calls for a smooth floor without subfloor components and for the use of as little material as possible. For this reason, the floor will be furnished with cardboard cylinders to save material. Vertical supports are made out of columns and modest crosswalls, which also form the walls of little shafts.