The Meander Medical Centre replaces the two existing Amersfoort hospitals. The total floor area of the new hospital is 113.000m2 GFA,
including a parking level underneath the building. In 2013, the new hospital has been officially opened. The building has been designed by Atelier PRO from The Hague.
Meander MC, Amersfoort

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Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort


Atelier Pro Den Haag

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113.000 m2 GFA

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The compact hospital building features a thoughtful, open architecture. The new Meander Medical Centre contains single rooms only, efficient policlinics and comfortable lounges. The green surroundings that permeate the building’s design greatly contribute to this.

The buildings have been designed for flexibility, so that functional adjustments to the building during the period of use require no expensive (structural) changes to the building, ensuring that the buildings’ residual value is as high as possible after the period of use. To realise this, the hospital has been designed according to a ‘layer model’. This means that the hospital has been divided into a number of areas, to each of which a specific function is designated. These areas, containing the ‘Hotfloor’, ‘Hotel’ and ‘Office’ functions, mostly contain (respectively) surgery and diagnosis, nursing departments and the policlinics. Furthermore, a parking garage on ground level is constructed underneath most of the building.

Aronsohn has played a vital role in deciding on the building’s carcass work. The Hotfloors structure has had to be tailor-made, and is constructed as a concrete skeleton with load-bearing walls, columns and wide-slab floors to cope with openings and the like. The Hotel area has been designed to allow for major functional adjustments without requiring large changes to the carcass work. The Office area takes this even further by facilitating that, even though the buildings are currently mostly used for the policlinics, they can be detached in the future to be used as an office or educational building. Both the Hotel and the Office area are provided with concrete core temperature control. The Office structure has been set up in such a way, that it can be constructed almost completely with a prefabricated IFD-system—Dutch for Industrial, Flexible and Disassemblable construction.


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