On September 28th 2010, new construction of the DSV Solutions distribution centre has started on the Amsterdam Durban street.
The distribution centre will contain 45.000m2 of industrial premises, 2.000m2 of office facilities and 3.500m2 mezzanine. Delivery took place in July 2011.
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DSV Solutions Ltd.


Mies Architecture, Ede

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50.000 m2 GFA

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DSV is one of Europe’s largest transport companies. To provide for storage and transloading of semi-manufactured cocoa, DSV has commissioned Borghese Real Estate to realise a distribution centre on the industrial Atlas Park in Amsterdam’s harbour area. Aronsohn supervised the construction process in name of DSV.

Apart from its considerable size, the building distinguishes itself by the specific measures taken to cope with semi-manufactured cocoa’s fire-related features. Cocoa beans do not burn, but turn into a brewing matter when inflamed, turning fire control into a daunting task. In close discussion with the Amsterdam fire department, a system has been developed that not only fights, but also prevents fire. By means of lowered oxygen levels, the risk of fire is significantly reduced, and combined with the carbon dioxide based fire extinguishment installations, the distribution centre has attained a high level of fire security.