For the Eindhoven University of Technology, OTH architects has created the design for the ground level and (a part of the) basement interior, as well as designing the first floor of the LaPlace building.
Sized 4.500m2, this building is situated on the Eindhoven University of Technology’s terrain.

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Eindhoven University of Technology Real Estate Management


Design group Trude Hooykaas Ltd. (OTH architects)

Project size

4.500 m2 HFA

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Construction management, structural design, supervision
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The design for the flexible office space is characterized by a central, multifunctional hall in which presentations etc. are given and which serves as a meeting place for the building’s users.

Adjacent to the central hall are several service cores, containing pantries and restrooms.

Office spaces surround the hall. All inner walls are made out of glass, and skylights facilitate the entry of daylight into the deep building. If so desired, concentration work places or conference spaces can be positioned underneath the skylights.

Due to this, the building is highly flexible. In the basement, a fire protected and waterproofed IT room has been installed and furnished with an advanced automatic fire extinguishment systems. All Eindhoven University of Technology servers are housed here.

Since the building remained in use during the construction works, the project has been carried out in three phases, closely attuned to the building’s users. A complicating factor was that the university’s IT facilities could not be interrupted at any time.