For Kropman Installatietechniek Ltd.’s Utrecht establishment, Broekbakema Architecture has made a design for offices and industrial spaces (storage etc.), with a total gross floor area of approximately 5.500m2. The office building is built on the Papendorp industrial area in Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn.
Industrial, flexible and easily dismantled construction formed the premise for this highly transparent building, constructed as a steel structure with concrete floors.
7852-Kropman Utrecht (19)

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Kropman Installatietechniek Ltd.


Architects van den Broek en Bakema, Rotterdam

Project size

5.500 m2 HFA

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Construction management, site supervision

The design features two office and industrial zones, four stories high, separated by a rectangular atrium. Both ends of the atrium are covered with a staircase and service strip (containing restrooms etc.). Parking happens partly underground, as the building rests on pillars. Parking underneath the building is part of Utrecht urban design requirements for the Papendorp area, where the building is located.

The building facades are mostly designed as a double-skin façade. Building services have been designed by the client herself and meet today’s standards.

The interior is both flexible and transparent, abandoning a more traditional concept with office cells. Next to several office spaces for staff and department heads, workspaces are located in open areas with various rooms in which employees can isolate themselves for increased concentration. Because of the open spaces’ light structure (in which no columns are used) and the access points on both ends, the office building has a high level of flexibility.

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