The east to west axis of the Jaarbeurs is the connection from the parking on the west of het Merwede canal and the central station of Utrecht. On the north side the halls 1,2, 3 and 4 and on the south side halls 8,10 and 11 are accessible by this axis for public as well as technical infrastructure.
At this time the axis is just a open space with a more or less naturally grown appearance. The design includes a transparent roofing and will strengthen the function of a passage, but will also provide a good connection to the events in the trade fair halls.

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The structure of the passage is designed in such a way that it order and guide the future renewal of the fair trade halls. The axis will be covered by an bay with a column free span of 25 m along with a narrow bay with a column free span of 6 m. The wide bay will be covered by a transparent roof that will be constructed with a curved steel structure and transparent air cushions. The floor will be made of fiber concrete and will be sufficiently strong for pedestrians and light transportation of goods. The narrow bay will have a passage on the first floor that enables quick and safe passage of pedestrians that don’t have to be on the ground floor. This passage will have movable pedestrian bridges to allow for crossing of heavy transportation.