Water Board Holland Noorderkwartier has constructed a new office building in Heerhugowaard. The central office lies in the middle of the water board’s region.
The water board aims to express its social function as an exemplar on the field of environment, ecology and sustainability. The building has been designed by Rudy Uytenhaak Architecture Bureau.

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Water Board Holland Noorderkwartier


Rudy Uytenhaak Architecture Bureau

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10.400 m2 GFA

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Structural design, detail drawings and calculations, cost estimates

After various fusions, this particular water board came to be in 2003. Because central housing was desired, new construction in Heerhugowaard was decided on. Premises for the new construction’s design were the organisation’s consideration for the environment, ecology, transparency and sustainability.

The office spaces on the second and third storey are constructed without columns, using so-called wing floors, which combine the properties of hollow-core beam floors and wide-slab floors. Concrete core temperature control in the floors contributes to the sustainability aspect of the energy concept. All building services run through a lowered hall zone and enter rooms through the floors, and can be freely arranged on a 1200mm grid. The energy that is required for the designed water bodies on top of and in the building, is sustainably acquired by means of a wind turbine placed on the roof.

One striking feature of the building is the large front-side jettying. At the design’s onset, particular attention was given to deciding on the floor systems in relation to the required amount of steel in the façade lattices. Furthermore, the supports’ positioning and the floor system mass has been researched. Thanks to this early research, it has been possible to efficiently and effectively control the structure construction costs for this complex project, without diminishing the architectural quality of the plan.


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