The building consists of two office wings and a low-rise construction that serves as a spine connecting the two wings.
The low-rise is mostly transparent, except for the parts holding the public safety answering point and the prison cell complex.

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Police North and East Gelderland


Bonnema architecten

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20.500m2 GFA

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Structural design, detailed design drawings, structural calculations
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The foundation consists of very short (5 metre long) prestressed prefabricated piles. Such a foundation proved to be better than a steel foundation because of the severe column loads. Steel foundations can result in a non-uniform settlement, which is hardly ideal for a highly rigid building. The office wings differ in height and have a stepped façade at half-length. The high wing is 45 metres tall, counts 9 floors and has a setback on the 6th floor.

The lowest wing is 35 metres high, containing seven floors and a setback on the fourth floor. These wings have a structure that’s characteristic of this architect: a columnless 14,4 metre span and loadbearing concrete facades with relatively small window openings. Below level 2 (at a height of 13 metres), the wing is carried by columns with a relative distance of 10,8 metres in the façade surface. This gives rise to an interesting challenge regarding the building structure, since the enormous vertical loads from the 240mm thick façade elements have to be transferred to the columns and the floor has to be realised at a height of 13 metres.