The Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Delft was established at 4 different locations. With the realization of the new building of the Faculty in Technopolis, also a project of Aronsohn Management, this number is reduced to 2.
Some of the workers and/or students are from the TN building on the Mekelweg. This creates space in this building for a large-scale redevelopment. Due to the redevelopment, the Faculty of Applied Science will have two prime locations again.

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The TN Building is an iconic building of the University of Delft along the Mekel Park, next to the Auditorium. The TN Building is outdated in terms of installations and facilities. The building consists now of 43,000 m2 GFA in a ‘ rake shaped ‘ map. After demolition of a part of the building and the addition of a new part with vibration-free floors (VC-E), modern educational facilities and labs, a compact building is created that meets the modern requirements.

Various departments of the Faculty of Applied Sciences will be housed in the building, including education and general services, and also the QuTech center, the National Icon that seeks to develop the quantum computer and quantum internet.

Partly on Aronsohn’s initiative the decision was made to renovate the building in 1 phase. The part that is not renovated will first be made suitable for the accommodation of all laboratories. After the redevelopment is completed the new building will put into use and the remaining parts of the building will be demolished. Aronsohn Management provides the project management of both the redevelopment as the temporary housing.

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