The ET Pathfinder will be housed in the university building at the Duboisdomein 30 (DUB30) in Maastricht. The ET Pathfinder is a kind of scale model of the Einstein Telescope;

a deep-cooled, triangular underground laser detector ten kilometres in length, which in theory will be able to explore the universe as far back as the Big Bang
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Project information






University of Maastricht


Architecten aan de Maas

Project size

approx. 1.000 m2 GFA

Start of project

4e quarter 2019


3e quarter 2020

Consulting services

Project management

The ET Pathfinder will be built in the former transport hall of the DUB30 building, which will be transformed into a cleanroom with a low-vibration floor. The ET Pathfinder will become a valuable infrastructure for further research into gravitational waves and the technology to detect them.

In addition, the test facility will help to optimally position the Euregio and South Limburg as a potential candidate for the construction and operation of the Einstein Telescope; several European countries are also in the running for the detector. In 2021 or 2022, it will be announced where the Einstein Telescope will eventually be built.

Aronsohn Management is commissioned by Maastricht University to provide project management for the modifications to the existing building.