After the 1991 fusion of two regional hospitals in Gouda, it was decided to build a core hospital building on one of the two locations.
This new hospital consists of the existing complex’ valuable buildings, with new wings attached to the east side. The design was made by EGM Architects, established in Dordrecht.
Groene Hart Ziekenhuis

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Building structures




Groene Hart Hospital, Gouda


EGM Architects

Project size

28.000 GFA

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Consulting services

Structural design, cost estimates, detail drawings and calculations of the basement, site supervision
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The design and construction preparation of the new wing has been realised in just fifteen months by the closely cooperating team of the client, contractors and other consultants. During the project, exterior and interior have been developed parallel to each other. To make room for the new construction, various internal alterations and smaller expansions have been realised while older parts of the building’s east side were demolished. The result is a modern and hospitable hospital, in which all specializations are present.

The building is made of three to six storey high blocks, each of the blocks topped with an extra layer for the building services. Beneath the entire building is a waterproof crawl space. The structure has been designed to allow for flexible use, also in the future. The number of columns and concrete walls has been reduced to a minimum, so that each floor can be relatively easily rearranged. This makes it possible to house both heavy hospital functions and light health care and office functions within a single building.

By using solid concrete floors, building services lines and cables can be easily run through the floors without necessitating expensive structural changes. During the design, the hospital building next to the new construction remained completely in use. For this reason, a particular pile driver system has been applied to cause no sound and vibration inconvenience, and a large amount of prefabricated components have been used to keep the construction period as short as possible.