The Faculty of Civil Engineering building, originally designed by architects Van den Broek and Bakema, has been repurposed as the Department of Geotechnology.
The original façade has been stripped and replaced with a new glass façade. The design was made by Jeanne Dekkers Architecture.
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Delft University of Technology


Jeanne Dekkers Architecture

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4.500 m2 HFA

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Structural design, detail drawings and calculations


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The head of the Faculty of Civil Engineering building was originally designed for halls facilitating manual drawing, and housed the Soil Mechanics department. As a result of cooperation and integration, this building part has been restructured and rearranged into the new housing of the Geotechnology Department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. The original 1970 structure consists of a concrete skeleton frame with flat level walls resting on columns. The depth of the building is divided in three sections. The storey height is 6,3 metres in the sections behind the facades, with an entresol in the middle section. The staggered columns on the first level floor make for a special building feature.

For its new function, the sections behind the façade have been provided with open spaces of up to 12 metres in height. These cause daylight to reach deep inside the building and allow for very tall experimental set-ups. These open spaces have been positioned in such a way, that only simple adjustments to the original structure were necessary. Vertical transportation is organised in a newly built staircase on the building’s front side. The façade is completely made out of glass and provided with a print. Because of this, the building that used to have a very closed appearance due to the concrete façade elements has undergone a complete transformation, becoming the eye catcher of the university complex.