The Spectrum building, also known as the Technology building, was designed for the Eindhoven University of Technology Faculties of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering.
In the 7.200m2 GFA building, laboratories with accompanying facilities and a cleanroom are provided for.

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Eindhoven University of Technology Real Estate Management


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7.200 m2 HFA

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Construction management, European procurement of works, supervision
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The building seems to form a whole with the adjacent Cascade building, which was developed and realised by the same team prior to this project.

Because of its function, especially with regards to the cleanroom, the building has been designed and constructed to meet special requirements to vibrations. The cleanroom’s floor on the first storey is completely detached from the other building parts, constructed as a 450mm thick floor that is supported by a 3,6×3,6 column grid. The entire cleanroom floor area is furnished with 300mm diameter holes to meet rigid air management requirements. Furthermore, the foundation is constructed as a thick concrete plate; its mass is used to absorb vibrations coming from the area around the building.