AMOLF is a research institute of the FOM foundation, conducting research into Atomic and Molecular Physics. In doing so, AMOLF focuses mainly on the research areas Physics of Biomolecular Systems,
Nanophysics (physics on a nanometre scale) and Femtophysics (dynamics on a femtosecond scale). The institute is established on the Science Park in the Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer polder.

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Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM)


De architecten groep - Dick van Gameren

Project size

9.600 m2 GFA

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Consulting services

Construction management, european tenders, V&G coördination, structural design, site supervision

The institute’s research requires high quality housing, especially with regards to vibrations and climate control in the laboratories. In the previous building, it became increasingly difficult to meet the increasingly high requirements. For this reason, it was decided to realise new construction close to the previous location.

Aronsohn, together with renowned engineering bureaus Deerns and Peutz, has been tasked with providing complete technical advice and construction management for this new construction project. Within this combination of three engineering firms, Aronsohn provided construction management and structure advice. Deerns and Peutz delivered building services and building physics consultancy respectively.

The design consisted of a central laboratory zone, with office and service rooms on both sides of the central zone. Between the two laboratory storeys, of which the ground level storey consists of separately founded ‘vibration-free islands’, lies a service level containing all central installations as well as a great part of the distribution. The two office and service zones are provided with concrete core temperature control in the floors and with natural ventilation. In total, the building encompasses approximately 9.600m2 GFA..

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