For the new housing of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry on the Eindhoven University of Technology terrain, the decision between renovation of the existing buildings and
new construction has been deliberated on. Based on financial feasibility studies, new construction has been decided on because of the high requirements that laboratory buildings have to meet.

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Eindhoven University of Technology Real Estate Management


OD 205, Delft

Project size

32.000 m2 HFA

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Consulting services

Construction managment, European procurement of work, site supervision
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The building is shaped like an ‘H’, with a hall running through both legs of the letter’s shape, containing offices on one side and laboratories on the other. Construction works, structures, thermal and electrical building services, and laboratory interior have all been integrally accounted for in the design, in such a way that all disciplines are attuned to each other. Because of this, the building is as universal as possible, even though it hosts a number of highly specific sections. The flexible office space design features a central multifunctional hall for presentations etc., serving also as a meeting spot for the building’s users. In total, the amount of realised area adds up to 32.000m2 GFA..